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Why You Should Use Pure Copper Wiring in Your Car Audio System.

Odds are, when buying vehicle sound system hardware your thoughts are directed towards buying the correct intensifier, subs, and speakers that will sound the best in your vehicle. The decisions are perpetual, and when looking for an incredible sounding sound system hardware, the vast majority don't consider the little items needed to make the entirety of the gear cooperate and to the best of its ability.

Often, such small items are ignored when installing an aftermarket audio system. These items play a big role in the proper and safe functioning of the car stereo. A major factor that is generally disregarded, however fundamental in picking any sort of wiring pack is the material that the wire is produced using. Copper and aluminum are the most usually utilized wire materials and there is a huge distinction in quality, power carrying capacity, and signal relaying between these materials.

Most car stereo installers use Copper-Clad Aluminum CCA instead of the better quality pure Copper also referred to as Oxygen Free Copper OFC. Pure Copper wiring gives a better electrical signal transmission than aluminum since it doesn’t react to heat by contraction or expansion. With better efficiency attributed to pure copper wiring will equally minimize the strain on your vehicle massively and permits your sound framework to run at its most extreme effectiveness. Despite pure copper wiring being more expensive forthright, it gives significantly better resistance to corrosion and incredibly diminishes your drawn-out upkeep costs. In many cases, CCA wiring will wear out to the point that it needs supplanting a whole lot earlier than OFC wiring.

Here are the reasons why you should consider using pure copper wiring in your car stereo system;

  • Less space required OFC wires have a much lower resistance per unit cross-sectional area than the CCA wires. Therefore, small diameter wires of pure copper will be required for the same current rating. Additionally, the wires will easily fit into terminal blocks.

  • Better conductivity With the use of pure copper wires, current/power will easily be transmitted to your amplifier

  • A longer period of operation before replacement With better resistance to corrosion, the wiring is bound to stay longer before an overhaul is needed

  • Minimal maintenance costs

  • Better heat handling and absorption

Generally, the use of pure copper wiring omits the risks of compromised performance of the car stereo system.

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