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How an Android Auto benefit you in an aftermarket radio

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Android auto is a future developed by google to make it easier for you to use your phone's features on your car radio screen. As a result, you have more convenience when driving because you can now take advantage of android features to make your driving more convenient.

Some manufacturers' radios do not come with the ability to support Android auto and therefore for you to utilize this feature, you will need an aftermarket radio. An aftermarket radio is a car radio that is customized to function better than your manufacturer's radio for it comes with better features such as the ability to support the android auto feature. There are many benefits that android auto offers you and they are as follows.

Ability to use your aftermarket radio to make and receive calls

When you link your Android phone to your aftermarket radio, you can make telephone calls via the convenience of a bigger platform. This gives your aftermarket radio the ability to function as a mobile phone. Therefore, you can easily make calls and easily talk as you drive, all through the car stereo. This is better because you can drive without distractions since you don’t have to use your android phone in hand as you proceed with the phone call. Your aftermarket radio will now function like your android phone since you will communicate through it.


If your aftermarket radio does not have GPS, you don’t have to worry because you can connect it to your android phone and use it to tell your location and also guide you through your driving. As opposed to using your mobile phone to access GPS, Android auto gives your aftermarket radio the ability to access GPS. That gives you a bigger platform for you to navigate your way as your drive, especially in areas you are new to.

Access to a variety of apps

When you link your android phone to your aftermarket radio, it gets the ability to access some of your mobile phone’s applications. This mirrors the activities of your mobile phone to your aftermarket radio which makes it have the abilities of your mobile phone. When you are in the car, you can now navigate through your aftermarket radio just like you would on your mobile phone.

There is a variety of features you would like your aftermarket radio to have, but unfortunately, it may not have them. This is the gap that the Android auto comes to fill because when you link it to your aftermarket radio, you add some incredible features to the radio since now you can access features that it never had before. This increases the driving convenience and adds to the usefulness of your aftermarket radio.

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